If the past is remote,
the future is in the here and now

Yooda connects people by allowing them to work at their best, from any place and at any time

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This is where your journey to becoming part of the future will begin.

Digital ecosystems are interconnected and secure environments, which create value by sharing human data and experiences. Are you coming with us?


A necessary evolution

Digital transformation is not a choice for companies, but a true necessity required by the evolution of markets and jobs. Adopting a digital workplace today means flourishing tomorrow.


The value of people

Today, more than ever, people are an integral part of corporate strategy. The levels of productivity and credibility of any company are directly linked to the value and quality of the Employee Experience.


Creating experiences

To stand out in the new digital ecosystems, the ability to create improved user experiences for customers and employees is essential. This is possible today thanks to the digitization of business processes.

What can we do together?

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Here at Yooda we are looking forward to meeting you and making you discover how Digital Transformation will make your company unique.

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Move to Azure

In Azure you will find your new datacenter. One that's always available, always reliable and super-scalable.

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Discover 365

Let's go on this journey, to the best 365 solutions for your business needs, together. Are we leaving?

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Collaborate, talk and meet. The Yooda experience gives a new perspective to your team.

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We put all our knowledge at your disposal to create a dynamic and inclusive reality.

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Identity Protection

Work anywhere and have your identity protected: with our services your business is flexible and safe.

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Protect Data

Are you aware of all of the data you keep on company servers? Discover it, classify it and protect it all with Yooda.

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Power Platform

With Power Platform the world of apps is right at your fingertips: let's start developing your project!

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What's going on in the world?

Pacho Baratta

La mia giornata con Copilot

Un semplice test: che succede se carico in Copilot un’immagine e gli chiedo di scrivere un articolo di blog secondo le attività contenute nell’immagine allegata? Succede che Copilot scrive un articolo, che poi potrò rivedere e raffinare, ma senz’altro un valido punto di partenza. La prova è nell’articolo seguente, creato interamente da Copilot (ho deciso […]

Pacho Baratta

Windows 365, il tuo PC nel Cloud

Immagina un PC virtuale accessibile ovunque, da qualsiasi dispositivo. Con Windows 365 i tuoi team possono lavorare da remoto o in ufficio con la stessa facilità

Pacho Baratta

AI e Power Platform: un’applicazione pratica

L’efficienza dei processi aziendali è un aspetto cruciale. In questo articolo, vogliamo raccontarvi come sia possibile una sinergia tra AI e la Power Platform di Microsoft

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